The Pod Exchange is a website for networking podcasters together. The mission is create a community of podcasters that are here to support each other and lead to each other’s success. By using a Q&A format pair with the power of fake internet point (Reputation), we hope to make this community.

Need advice about your podcast? Have questions before launching a podcast? Ask away! Been making podcasts for a while and tons of wisdom to share? Answer someone in need!

The main driver of this website is the Q&A boards. Any interaction you want to have with your fellow podcasters will be done by asking a question. This could be general advice, review swaps, guest spots, ad swaps, or whatever you want! This is where reputation comes in…

The general idea of Q&A boards is if you interact you get tiny amounts of reputation to make you look much cooler. If you answer something and the question asker likes it best, you get big points making your coolness come even sooner. We’re going to take that general concept and use it in this community to build podcasts and hold each other accountable. The thought for this site is that we can use reputation to thank someone for coming through for you.

How this works with swaps:

If you want to participate in one of the swaps (see below) post a link to the appropriate place. Someone might come through on the swap. If they do, they need to add a comment to your Answer letting you know they’ve done so. Unfortunately, their comments can’t be up voted, so it is now your responsibility to find their Answer on the thread and give an up vote there. That way they receive compensation for the swap. (And as a little reward, you get a little bit of reputation for giving them a thumbs up.)

For example: Let’s say you ask for star swaps on one of the weekly pins. If someone rates your podcast, you give them an thumbs up. If you rate them back, they can give you a thumbs up. Everyone wins, and everyone (to a degree) is held accountable.

Another example: You ask for an ad swap with people. You set it all up with someone, and they air your ad spot! You give them a thumbs up, and hopefully visa versa.

We want this to be an open and free space for podcasters to interact, but there are a few rules we want you to follow. They mostly pertain to when you should post things or ask for help, so they’re more like guidelines.

Advertising/Plugging Your Podcast
By no means do we not want you plugging  your podcast, we just don’t want it to plug the airwaves. There is a time and a place. That time and place happens to be the daily posts (see below).

Announcing a New Podcast
There is an exception to the rule above. If you are launching a brand new podcast, you don’t have to wait for the daily post. Announce it in its own Question so we can bring it to the masses and get that puppy up on the New and Noteworthy page.

Setting up your profile
We don’t maintain a master list of podcasts. Those become a chore to keep up to date. Instead, please make sure to put your main podcast in your profile. That way if you swap stars with someone, they know where to go to return the favor!

General Questions/Advice
There’s no limits to when you can post general questions or advice. Our only ask is that you don’t hijack someone else’s question for an answer to another question. This also includes the 3 following thread types:

Guest Req/Guest Swaps
Want guests for your show? Want to guest on a show? Make a new post asking for interested parties, or hop into these threads to find a new show to guest on.

Facebook Swaps
Have a Facebook Group or Page you want more members of? Make a new thread with a link to your Facebook home. If someone likes your page, they can leave a link to their page for you to like as well.

Twitter Swaps
Want to expand your Twitter networking? Make a new thread with a link to your Twitter feed. If someone follows you, they can leave a link to their feed for you to follow as well!

We also want to provide and safe and constructive place to exchange feedback on each others podcasts. If you want feedback on your podcast, start a workshop thread!

Our only ask is that if you are participating in a workshop, be respectful. Feedback on production quality, audio quality, marketing strategies, or small suggestions to increase engagement on the podcast is acceptable. Feedback on the hosts personal beliefs, subject material

Weekly Pinned Posts
Each week, we’ll start certain pinned posts. There are certain post types we think are better suited as weekly posts to ensure no one gets missed, and we keep the posts active. Those are Star (Review) Swaps, Ad Swaps, and Karma Swaps.

Star Swaps
Every Sunday we will start a pinned “Weekly Star Swap” thread. Feel free to post your podcast for others to review in iTunes. If you do so, do the courtesy of rating the other podcasts posted in the thread. That’s the whole point of a swap. And if someone swaps stars, give them a thumbs up so they get some reputation for participating!

Ad Swaps
Every Sunday we will start a pinned “Weekly Star Swap” thread. The purpose of this thread is to connect you with another podcast that you think has a subject material you think your audience would enjoy, and visa versa. If you’re looking for an ad swap, either look in this thread for someone to connect to or post your own podcast for someone else to find.

If you post in this thread, please give the elevator pitch of your podcast so others will know the audience of your podcast.

Karma Swap
After a week of hard work, it’s time to share the love. On Fridays, we’ll start a pinned “Weekly Karma Swap” thread. If you’ve come across a podcast, video, or whatever that you liked during the week, post it here for others to see!

Daily Posts
In addition to weekly posts, we will also have daily posts.

New Episodes
Each day, there will be a “New Episodes” post. If you have an episode that comes out on that day, post a link to the episode in these threads! If you don’t see a New Episodes thread, feel free to start it (You’ll also get the added bonus of having your episode being the top of the thread).

If there is already a post, please utilize that one. If you start a new thread, it will be deleted.